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On Thursday, November 9, 1922, football was on the mind of many Oak Cliff residents, as the Leopards of Oak Cliff High School took on the Wolves of Bryan Street High School at Gardner Park. We don't know who won the game, but thanks to this football program we found on eBay, we do know it happened. 

Besides the obvious marking of Dallas' long-standing high school football tradition, the game involves several Oak Cliff mainstays. Oak Cliff High School would become Adamson High School in 1935, and Bryan Street High School would become Crozier Tech. Gardner Park would later be known as Burnett Field, near the edge of the Trinity River. Gardner was home to a baseball field at the time, but it is unclear if a football field was also there or if the game was played in the baseball stadium.  

Here is a scan of the inside of the program, listing the names of the Oak Cliff High football players (click the image to see a larger version):

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